Paul Anderson-Walsh

Premier’s Big Breakfast – Election Fever

Election fever really did hit the country. But do you think we voted for the right leader? Perhaps you found it hard to decide who to vote for because you couldn’t see Christian manifestos.

Hope For The Hurting

In this post, Paul discusses the issues raised by a young person’s concerns over their parents’ divorce & the role of grace in this situation.

Freed From The Prison Of Performance

Have we truly grasped the reality of grace? Or do we still struggle and strive to perform for God? Most of us have lived with the pressure to perform. This is the problem that lies at the heart of much of the counselling that I do.

Each of us has developed our own mental script that conditions us, arising out of our need for acceptance, love and belonging. ‘Performance addiction’ is the belief that perfecting our appearance and achieving status will secure love and respect from others. Internal conversations convince us that the more we achieve,

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Get a Life…!

Does God accept me? And if so on what basis does he do so? Until this gnawing issue is resolved the prospect of entering into the Hebrews 4 rest will elude you. Our understanding of acceptance must be the same as God’s. The Bible is clear, we are accepted by the Father in Christ [Ephesians 1:6].

Undoubtedly the Pauline “in Christ” motif which appears 126 times in the new testament is a “profound mystery” (Col 1:27). However, if appropriated it is the key not only to “witnessing” but it explains why Tyndale described the Gospel as “The Good glad happy news that makes a man jump for joy.”

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The Tithing Controversy

If you are not free not to give, you are not free to give. The insistence on enforcing tithing in the church today is the thin end of the legalism wedge. In this article we will explore why tithing is not for today and hopefully release many dear saints from the condemnation of the law and free them to the joy of the grace of giving.

The Tithing Controversy – No Laughing Matter (2 Corinthians 9:7)

It was not until a recent visit to my barbers shop that I realized the full extent of the problem.

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